This survey is designed to give agribusiness owners a "snapshot" of the current state of their operations and get them thinking about important topics which may not typically arise before they become major challenges. We will send you your results in a simple graph format as well as an average of all the results taken to date. We will review your answers and may provide you with a proposal to engage with us to perform a Grower AgTech Audit™ for your operation.

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Providing our services all across California, we are a professional and proven agricultural consulting company. Serving both small and large farms, the goal at Grower’s Insight is to help you create sustainable food systems by integrating and utilizing farm technology.

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No one provides more thorough and innovative farm audits than we do. We’ll help you yield higher numbers of healthy crops, increase your sustainability, and cut costs after just one season!


With thousands of new technologies flooding the Ag sector, our audits focus on assessing your current operation and helping you utilize that tech to increase your productivity, profits, and sustainability.

EXPERIENCE. It makes all the difference. In 2019, Aaron Magenheim and Danny Royer came together to create a combined 30 years of experience of implementing technologies on farm. and streamlined our approach in helping producers to offer the Grower AgTech Audit.

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Enabling farmers to be on the cutting edge of technology has been key to our success. 

1. Growers take the FREE AgTech Audit Survey
2. We deliver your initial results
3. We analyze your results and provide full AgTech Audit Proposal
4. If you agree to the proposal, we execute the Audit and deliver a Technology Road Map along with a Strategic Plan for solution implementations. 
5. We provide follow up and systems to monitor success. 

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At Growers Insight we combine our experience of implementing new technologies on farm, with a deep understanding of the technology landscape across industries, to develop a process for on farm technology integration. The goal of our process is to provide growers with a clear picture of their current state and strategies that improve grower's lifestyles and bottom lines.

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